Safety at The Jump Mania

We have a tightly managed and monitored safety system, developed around industry best practice.
Safety is our number one priority and we have a safety record we are proud of.

Safe Jumping

Our terms and conditions outline the risks and anyone jumping is deemed to have accepted these conditions prior to jumping. Like most sporting activities, trampolining creates the potential for injury even when done properly and following appropriate rules and guidelines. Our rules and safety guidelines have been developed in conjunction with recognised safety experts with the specific direction to meet or exceed world’s best practice. To minimise the chance of dangerous situations, especially for inexperienced jumpers, we have clearly posted trampoline court rules at the entrance to each court. These rules are enforced by our floor staff.

Jump Mania Trampolines vs Traditional Garden Trampolines

Historically, trampoline related injuries have occurred when jumpers have ‘fallen off’ a trampoline onto the ground or landed ‘on the frame’. We have minimised these risks by ensuring our trampoline areas are walled with rebounding surfaces and that our frames are covered in the highest-grade padding available. We have designed our facility to reduce or eliminate the hazards associated with typical home trampolines and are continually working to ensure a safe environment through optimal design, engineering, construction, training and research.


Every square inch of exposed trampoline support structure (the steel and springs between the trampoline beds) is covered by more than two inches of gymnastics-grade padding. We have met or exceed the padding requirements advocated by the International leading standard.

Grip Socks

Anyone jumping is required to wear our approved grip-socks designed to help maximise grip, to help maximise safety and general hygiene.

Safety Briefing

One of our primary safety principles is ensuring jumpers do not attempt any activity beyond their skill level. It’s important that all jumpers make themselves aware of the points highlighted by our safety video prior to entering the trampoline arena.


We encourage and welcome any feedback that helps us continue to develop a best practice safety program and environment.

Safety is our number one priority

Jump Mania is an action sports facility where injuries can happen. Like all sports, participants need to decide if the benefits of involvement are worth the risk of injury.

Please know and accept the risks. Follow the rules and take care. Keep within your limits, look out for others, follow the rules and most of all, have fun!

Park Rules (general):

• Under 17 years old must be under the supervision of a parent/guardian
• Anti-slip socks must be worn at all times (returning customers to ensure that previously bought socks are in good working order and grip stubs not warn down)
• All jewellery (including ear studs) / watches, keys, key chains, coins or the alike and remove all items from your pockets
• No phones or cameras IN the arena, however we do allow spectators to take photos
• Do not leave clothing on the bounce arena
• No food, drink or chewing gum
• Maximum weight as per the manufacturers guideline 120 KG/18 Stone
• Only 1 person per trampoline
• No entry on to the park if you are pregnant
• No running
• No double bouncing (bouncing someone else higher)
• No backflips
• No gainers (forward moving back flips)
• No wrestling, tackling or shoving
• No leaning or climbing on the netting
• No sitting or lying on the trampoline mats or foam pads
• No bouncing under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• Do not attempt any move beyond your skill level
• Jump in the centre of the trampoline, avoid landing on the coloured pads/mats
• Always land with both feet at the same time
• Do not bounce on another trampoline until it is clear


• Follow the jump martial instructions
• No kicking the balls
• No head shots
• Stay on your side of the court, do not cross the centre line
• Keep it friendly and polite
• Notify a jump martial if a ball goes out of the court
• No diving
• No back flips
• No gainers (forward moving back flips)

Walk the Wall:

• Standard park rules apply
• Follow the jump martial instructions
• Strictly one person on a trampoline at any time
• Do not jump off the wall when a trampoline is occupied
• Do not jump onto the wall if your intended landing zone is occupied
• No climbing or scrambling up the wall
• No pushing
• No sitting or laying on the wall
• No diving
• No gainers (forward moving backflips)
• Do not attempt any move beyond your own skill level

Air Bag:

• Only jump when inflated
• Land on your back or bum
• No sharp or loose objects
• Prohibited for people with medical complications or heart problems
• Prohibited for people with neck and back pain, injuries or pregnant
• Wait until the landing area is free
• Exit the landing area quickly
• Only one jumper per lane

Sky Ball:

• Only 1 player per side
• No kicking the balls
• Hair must be tied back when playing
• The balls must stay inside the designated play zone